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Generative AI Startup Hugging Face Picks AWS to Host Future Large Language Models

Generative AI model developer Hugging Face has inked a deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its software. Hugging Face will work with Amazon’s cloud computing service to streamline generative AI application development and upgrade the training and distribution of its large language models (LLMs), including future iterations of the open-source BLOOM AI model.

Hugging Face AWS

Hugging Face is known for BLOOM, a generative AI model comparable to the LLM employed by OpenAI to make ChatGPT. Developers are embedding BLOOM and other Hugging Face models into software products to produce and edit text, write computer code, and generate images. AWS will now take up a supporting role for computational resource-intensive projects. As a result, developers can train and scale their software more quickly and for less money. The AWS collaboration isn’t exclusive, but Hugging Face’s deal will ease generative AI software developer access to AWS tools like Trainium and SageMaker. In fact, Hugging Face said it plans to run the next version of BLOOM on Trainium.

“The future of AI is here, but it’s not evenly distributed,” said Clement Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face. “Accessibility and transparency are the keys to sharing progress and creating tools to use these new capabilities wisely and responsibly. Amazon SageMaker and AWS-designed chips will enable our team and the larger machine learning community to convert the latest research into openly reproducible models that anyone can build on.”

AWS has been expanding its own generative AI portfolio in recent months. For instance, it upgraded the AWS QuickSight Q business forecasts to understand colloquial terms like “show me a forecast.” AWS also rolled out an AI programming assistant called Amazon CodeWhisperer last year that autocompletes software code by extrapolating from a user’s initial hints and serves as a potential rival to the Microsoft-ownedGitHub Copilot, which relies on models derived fromOpenAI’s Codex.

“Generative AI has the potential to transform entire industries, but its cost and the required expertise puts the technology out of reach for all but a select few companies,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS. “Hugging Face and AWS are making it easier for customers to access popular machine learning models to create their own generative AI applications with the highest performance and lowest costs. This partnership demonstrates how generative AI companies and AWS can work together to put this innovative technology into the hands of more customers.”

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