AWS Augments QuickSight Q Business Forecasts with Natural Language Queries

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has upgraded its QuickSight Q business forecasts to understand colloquial terms. Users can now ask the service to visualize future business performance just by asking it to “show me a forecast” in the search bar with as many as three metrics such as sales and orders.

QuickSight Q&A

Amazon released QuickSight seven years ago as a data visualization tool, adding the QuickSight Q natural language processing option a couple of years ago to allow users to ask questions more colloquially. Now that function can extend to projecting the future of the business. The questions can narrow in on specific times and areas. It can also now provide AI-generated analyses of past performance, attempting to answer the all-important question of “why” something happened. Combining “why” with how something changed and when will produce an examination of, for instance, what happened to make sales rise and fall in a given year.

“Creating forecasts is often the job of analysts or data scientists. However, the new forecasting question type in Q enables non-analyst users to predict future trajectories for up to three measures simultaneously,” Amazon senior product manager Shannon Kalisky explained in a blog post. “Rather than learning formulas or parameter settings, you can get a forecast by entering forecast into the language bar, followed by up to three metrics that you want to see predictions for. This natural language approach is an easy and intuitive way for managers and others who depend on data to get a sense of what’s likely to happen if things don’t change.”

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