x600 10 Minutes onConversational AI That Assists Contact Center Agents with Uniphore’s Vijai Shankar

10 Minutes On Conversational AI That Assists Contact Center Agents with Uniphore’s Vijai Shankar

AI in the contact center is moving beyond the chatbot. The evolution of contact centers over two decades has revolved around self-service that often acted as a barrier to accessing live agents and mostly served to queue customers as opposed to resolving issues through automation. The technology typically shifted burdens onto the customer whether it was touch-tone interactive voice response (IVR) systems, IVRs with speech, IVRs with natural language understanding (NLU), or chatbots. That is changing.

Uniphore’s Vijai Shankar discusses AI that is used to provide live agents with real-time information to better serve the customers more quickly. That may be from a chatbot that began the interaction passing along information to the agent so the customer doesn’t have to repeat everything. It also can include the AI continuing to listen to the conversation. Based on the AI’s understanding of the customer’s need, it can proactively share information with the agent to help resolve the issue faster.

This is particularly impactful because it can offer less experienced agents the equivalent of an experienced agent assisting them in real-time. It can also reduce the time it takes for a new agent to become effective in their role and decrease issue resolution time.

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