Hubspot AI

Marketing Platform HubSpot Showcases New Generative AI Strategy and Tools

Marketing and customer management platform HubSpot has introduced a suite of new generative AI capabilities and an overhauled sales solution at its INBOUND conference this week. The new features are part of the company’s larger HubSpot AI strategy, aimed at boosting its clients and their business with the help of synthetic media generators and generative AI-powered customer service agents.

HubSpot AI

HubSpot AI is embedded across the platform, leveraging the technology to produce written content and visual design elements for websites, blogs, reports, and marketing campaigns. HubSpot has also created a ChatGPT-style generative AI chatbot named ChatSpot that links to customer data to tailor its responses. ChatSpot is currently in a public beta and HubSpot claims more than 20,000 ChatSpot prompts are created weekly by the 80,000 users that have tried it out since March.

The other major facet of HubSpot’s generative AI integration is the upcoming virtual agents that will automate customer service tasks through chatbots and email responses. Those features are scheduled to arrive next year. Generative AI is also part of HubSpot’s new Predictive AI Insights, which promises stronger forecasting and analytics than currently available.

HubSpot’s generative AI strategy incorporates a relaunch of its Sales Hub. The company is rebuilding the sales software to help teams prospect more efficiently and strengthen customer connections. A dedicated Prospecting Workspace consolidates tools into one interface to streamline outreach. Enhanced lead management and reporting capabilities aim to improve organization and visibility into the pipeline. New AI-powered forecasting leverages HubSpot’s predictive technology to predict future sales with up to 95% accuracy in early testing. There’s also an expanded integration with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator data with HubSpot’s CRM for richer relationship intelligence.

“We are experiencing a transformative shift with generative AI. Customer expectations are changing, and businesses now have the opportunity to leverage AI to drive customer connection at scale,” HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan said. “HubSpot has been thinking deeply about these changes and iterating quickly to help our customers thrive in the age of intelligence. We introduced many powerful new features and functionality at INBOUND 2023, and I’m excited by our progress in becoming the #1 customer platform for scaling companies.”

Generative Marketing

Of course, HubSpot is far from unique in seeing the value of augmenting marketing, customer service, and website design with generative AI. Jasper has a platform for building marketing campaigns with generative AI from scratch, and Wix created a ‘text-to-website’ generative suite of tools. Just in the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of movement from major generative AI players around the concept. OpenAI debuted ChatGPT Enterprise for businesses, and AI21 revamped Wordtune into a platform suitable for enterprise and consumer tasks. Google alone flooded the market with generative AI tools for businesses recently, especially the new Duet generative AI assistant.

HubSpot seems keen to position itself at the intersection of customer service software, marketing, and AI. While adoption risks exist, the company believes infusing its platform with generative AI will give its clients an edge. Its latest slate of solutions aims to provide integrated automation so businesses can optimize operations, gain insights, and connect with customers.

“It’s our job at HubSpot to help growing businesses take advantage of new technology without any of the burden,” HubSpot executive vice president of product Andy Pitre said. “With HubSpot AI, we’re taking the guesswork out of generative AI and giving all customer-facing teams across sales, marketing, and service the complete toolkit to help them accomplish even more.”

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