Intuit Assist for Mailchimp

Intuit Assist Brings Generative AI Features and Chatbot for TurboTax and Mailchimp

Intuit, the finance tech colossus behind Mailchimp, TurboTax, Credit Karma, and Quickbooks, has launched a new generative AI-powered aide called Intuit Assist to provide personalized recommendations for consumers and small businesses as they manage their accounts.

Intuit Assist

Intuit Assist leverages Intuit’s proprietary GenOS operating system, revealed earlier this year, and draws on the company’s extensive database of small business and consumer finances and taxes. The digital assistant will be embedded across Intuit’s platforms and products, though it can connect customers to human experts through Intuit’s Live Platform when needed. Intui aims to have the virtual assistant guide users toward making smarter financial decisions with less effort.

For TurboTax users, Intuit Assist will filter the user’s information through its tax expertise and data to tailor tax recommendations, prepare customized checklists, and reduce time spent preparing taxes. Similarly, Credit Karma customers will be able to use Intuit Assist to design custom financial plans and recommend relevant products. The same goes for QuickBooks, except the suggestions will center on business insights such as cash flow opportunities, spending anomalies, and other important patterns, along with producing invoices and other paperwork.

“With the introduction of Intuit Assist, we’re taking a giant step forward in powering prosperity for all. We’re creating a future where we do the hard work for small businesses and consumers to fuel their financial success, helping them achieve their dreams,” said Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi. “Leveraging our vast amounts of rich data and years of investment in AI and GenAI, we’re unlocking the power of our platform to reimagine AI-assisted customer experiences.”

Mailchimp Assist

Mailchimp will utilize Intuit Assist in a somewhat different manner as befits the email campaign platform. The AI assistant will help users create targeted marketing campaigns that match the brand and its goals. That includes scheduling, email drafting, and even automated lead follow-ups based on responses. Intuit Assist is building on the Mailchimp Email Content Generator, first seen in April with an AI email composer and editor.

“Intuit Assist will be the always-on marketing assistant that knows your brand, understands what your customers want from you and when, knows the details of how your marketing has performed in the past, and surfaces up those insights to give you the best advice on what to do next—it can even take things off your to-do list if you want it to, Intuit Mailchimp CEO Rania Succar explained in a blog post. “Intuit Assist is a generative AI assistant that will provide personalized, intelligent recommendations to help 100 million customers across Intuit make smarter decisions with less work and complete confidence. With Mailchimp’s history of serving marketers and small businesses over the past two decades and Intuit’s rich data platform and pioneering AI foundations, the insights and content that Intuit Assist in Mailchimp will offer are contextual and built with marketing best practices.”

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