Mailchimp Generative AI

Mailchimp Debuts Generative AI Tools for Email Content

Popular email marketing platform Mailchimp has introduced a set of generative AI tools for developing content and campaigns. The new Email Content Generator uses a mix of in-house and third-party AI models for the Intuit-owned brand, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s new Bard AI.

Mailchimp AI

Mailchimp’s Email Content Generator is aimed at assisting users with coming up with ideas and producing content to test in their marketing campaigns. The new email editor tool offers a menu of options depending on the industry, tone, and goal of the marketing. They can then write a natural language prompt asking the AI to compose an email for purposes like announcing a sale or putting in any relevant details like times and price reductions. The AI will offer three variants of a possible email, and the user can pick their favorite and tweak it as needed. The AI can also analyze a campaign’s successes and shortfalls and come up with suggestions for improving the next one based on both their own history and Mailchimp’s industry-divided data. Mailchimp is running the Email Content Generator as a beta test in the U.S. for subscribers, with plans to expand its availability in the near future.

“We’re on a mission to make Mailchimp the only place where marketers can effortlessly create content optimized for their brand, their marketing channels, their objectives, and every member of their audience,” Mailchimp CEO Rania Succar said. “AI and text generation tools like ChatGPT have received a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. We see this as a supportive technology for marketers, and we want to provide them with approachable ways to use AI so that they can automate, generate, and optimize content to save time and trust that what we’re serving them is tailored to help them reach their goals.”

Marketing AI

Generative AI is becoming a standard element for a lot of businesses, especially in marketing and customer service. Newegg recently infused its entire website with ChatGPT, using it to help customers design custom PCs and assist employees with writing content for the website. And Canva has augmented its professional presentation design platform with a whole suite of generative AI tools. That includes the new Magic Design branding template generator and Magic Write copywriting assistant, which could support Mailchimp campaigns and adjust to what the email marketing data suggests.

“Marketers and small businesses are spending a lot of time thinking about how they can apply AI without adding something new to their plates or relinquishing creative control,” Mailchimp chief data and product officer Jon Fasoli said. “We see generative AI fundamentally changing the landscape of creative work, and we’re here to help our customers apply it to their day-to-day marketing in meaningful ways so that they get more done and reach their goals faster. Email Content Generator and our AI-powered features can help them do just that.”

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