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Generative AI News Rundown – ChatGPT Gets Banned, Deepfakes Get Provenance, Bing Chat Gets Ads, Meta, Canva & More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 313

The Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown for April 6, 2023, focused on regulators and OpenAI, ChatGPT’s popularity compared to the iPhone, deepfake disclosure, authentication and ownership, monetizing those generative AI models, what’s Meta doing, and more.

Bret Kinsella (that’s me) hosts this week with guests Nina Schick, the author of the 2020 book Deepfakes, and Eric Schwartz, head writer at Voicebot.ai. The top stories in generative AI land this week include:

ChatGPT Gets Banned

  • A time-out chair for OpenAI and some unfortunate usersItaly took actionCanada opened an investigation. France received complaints. Germany and Ireland indicated they’d like to get involved. Regulators have OpenAI in their sights. How will it go down?

ChatGPT vs. Alexa vs. iPhone

  • Compared to what?: ChatGPT is a phenomenon but how does it stack up to the hype of earlier products? We compare ChatGPT to some notable break-out hits.

Deepfake Solutions

  • Provenance in the unreal valley: It’s a deepfake, but you want to disclose its synthetic origins. You also want to show its history and ownership. How about a cryptographic signature from Truepic that tracks the life of the digital artifact?
  • The unbearable likeness of your being: Those amazingly lifelike avatars don’t have a clear ownership model today. Someone could make a deepfake of you, and what recourse do you have? However, if you owned the copyright to your digital likeness…

Bing Chat Ads Arrive

  • Paying for those GPT-4 inference costs: We knew they were coming, and now we know what they look like, at least one format. Bing Chat has ads that look a lot like what you see in web searches today, with a twist. Generative AI definitely has a revenue model.

Meta Gets Objective

  • Alignment is king: Meta rolled out another researcher-only generative AI model. However, this time it showed up with a demonstration app. Segment Anything is a new AI (foundation) model for identifying objects in images and being able to save them separately from the picture with two clicks.

Canva, the True Believer

  • Taking the lead over Microsoft: The Redmond giant has talked about DALL-E and GPT-4 in Microsoft Designer and coming to PowerPoint. Canva just started adding new features. A light skepticism from the company in December (ironically about new generative AI features) was replaced by more robust tools and a bigger vision.

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