Newegg ChatGPT

Newegg Infuses ChatGPT Across Online Shopping Experience

Popular online technology retailer Newegg Commerce has comprehensively revamped its entire platform with ChatGPT’s generative AI in what may be the most thorough infusion of OpenAI”s large language model API anywhere. ChatGPT is helping customers design custom PCs and answer their questions while assisting employees as they create content for the website and communicate with customers.

Newegg ChatGPT

Newegg’s PC Builder now employs ChatGPT to guide customers through designing a custom PC, and picking out parts to meet their chosen specifications. Customers describe the PC they want in a search bar and ChatGPT evaluates what they write to suggest options for processor and graphics card. The previous pre-set selection options are still available, but ChatGPt can make the process more of a conversation than a strict template. Regardless of the way customers pick out a PC or other products, the descriptions have all been rewritten with ChatGPT. Newegg ran the product description, page titles, and other text by the generative AI chatbot and replaced the content on the website with its suggestions. ChatGPT has also taken up customer service for Newegg, answering their questions and connecting them with human staff when it can’t answer queries. The same goes for email subject lines for Newegg marketing emails. ChatGPT writes the subject lines to improve the open rate based on how well previous ones have performed.

“Through testing, we’ve proven that ChatGPT has a practical use for Newegg based on the added quality and efficiency it creates. We deployed ChatGPT to improve content both on-site and off-site to help customers find what they want and elevate their experience. AI doesn’t replace employees, but it adds resources so employees are available to handle more complex projects. We’re still in the early phases of AI but the benefits for e-commerce may be substantial,” Newegg vice president of application development Lucy Huo said. “Our customers are among the population’s most knowledgeable regarding the latest technology because they assemble often complex tech products. Customers should expect Newegg to deploy the most advanced technology for their shopping experience and ChatGPT currently enables this.”

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