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Presto Embeds ChatGPT AI in Drive-Thru Voice Assistants

Restaurant voice AI developer Presto Automation has begun working with OpenAI to incorporate generative AI chatbot ChatGPT’s API into its drive-thru voice assistant. Presto will leverage ChatGPT’s large language model to pursue more natural conversations with customers, which it hopes will enhance the experience for both consumers and its restaurant clients.

Drive-Thru ChatGPT

Presto is a voice AI developer for restaurant chains, both at drive-thrus and indoor kiosks for chains like Checkers and Rally’s and Ohio chicken restaurant chain Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Restaurant. The Presto Voice platform in the drive-thru can take customer orders, answer questions and handle any menu changes well enough that human intervention is required in less than 5% of interactions.

ChatGPT will augment Presto Voice with generative AI in several ways. Specifically, ChatGPT will give drive-thrus more human-like syntax and mannerisms. As an example, Presto said ChatGPT would rephrase “I have one burrito no guacamole, one burrito no tomatoes” as “that’s two burritos, one with no guac and one with no tomatoes.” The generative AI API will also boost restaurant data organization and collection, building what Presto calls “restaurant-specific and region-specific menu knowledge bases.” That database will then provide a base for ChatGPT to write tens of thousands of test orders to train Presto Voice’s speech AI. Different AI personalities, emotions, and accents can quickly be ready for release afterward.

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with OpenAI since it will enable us to accelerate product innovation and further our mission of overlaying next-generation digital solutions onto the physical world,” Presto CEO Rajat Suri said. “Both ChatGPT and Presto Voice represent cutting edge AI applications that can supercharge productivity and revolutionize the way humans work and think.”

Presto claims its AI can upsell customers for a $330,000 average increase in revenue a year while cutting labor by $35,000. The startup recently went public on Nasdaq as PRST by leveraging a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Most recently, Presto recently opened up its platform for custom voices, including a synthetic Santa.

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