1 Reghu Thanumalayan

Reghu Thanumalayan from Deutsche Telekom Talks Magenta and the Future of Voice Assistants – Voicebot Podcast Ep 310

Reghu Thanumalayan is a senior vice president at Deutsche Telekom and oversees the Magenta voice assistant. He was my featured guest in Voicebot Podcast Ep 148 three years ago. Reghu joined me to share an update on how things have evolved since launching the product in late 2019.

Magenta has won awards, expanded integrations with TV and smart home devices, and introduced a new call center application. However, the company has also discontinued the smart speaker and learned some tough lessons. Reghu breaks down the journey and the learnings. We also talk about a new solution that sounds likely to be a breakout consumer hit and where voice assistants truly excel.

This interview was conducted onsite at Mobile World Congress 2023 at the Deutsche Telekom booth.

Reghu Thanumalayan Interview – Show Notes Deutsche Telekom






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