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Generative AI News Rundown 7 – Nvidia, Google, Midjourney, TikTok, Roblox, and More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 309

The Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown for March 23, 2023, was packed with significant announcements. If you want an example of a market with the momentum you only see every 15-20 years, generative AI offers that in real-time.

Bret Kinsella hosts again this week along with Eric Schwartz. Also, you will notice some great contributions from the live audience. We have special shoutouts for Silke Hahn, Allen Firstenberg, and Michal Stanislawek for their comments that added insightful context to the conversation. The top stories in generative AI land this week include:

Nvidia Moves up the Stack

  • Picasso and NeMo: Nvidia isn’t going just to cash checks for GPU sales related to the generative AI tsunami. They now offer text-to-image and text-to-text models that compete directly with OpenAI, Google, and Stable Diffusion.
  • Omniverse Upgrade: Omniverse is an open platform for 3D design collaboration and real-time physically accurate simulations. It announced new services for creating virtual factories mirroring real-world facilities, the option to stream simulated experiences and train to AI-powered robots, and a simulator for testing autonomous vehicles.

Google Teases Gen AI Features and Models

  • Show your PaLMs: Google is now letting testers use its giant large language model (LLM) PaLM. This is different from LaMDA and might eventually be a replacement for the brains behind Bard. Right now, it is Google’s answer to GPT-3/GPT-4. A tool to help developers using PaLM called MakerSuite was also announced.
  • Gmail and Docs to Get AI writing assistantDocs and Gmail are getting PaLM-enabled text generation features.
  • Bard announced again: Google says it is now offering access to Bard to the general public. But there is a waitlist.

AI-Generated Beauty

  • Midjourney 5 is here: There are several minor upgrades, but the key benefits are enhanced quality, more coherence, better photorealism, and more detail.
  • Bing adds DALL-E: You can now create images in Bing through a new DALL-E integration. The quality seems better to me than DALL-E 2, which you can access today on OpenAI. Might this be the long-awaited DALL-E 3?

Synthetic Media Policy

  • TikTok to tighten deepfake rules: TikTok announced new policies around synthetic media and deepfake use on the platform before its CEO’s Congressional testimony. The policy description grew from 30 words to nearly 400. Will others social platforms take this as a cue to make their own updates?

Games Go Generative

  • Roblox wants to make development easier: Roblox added generative AI tools that enable developers to use natural language to create objects and generate code.
  • Unity wants generative AI NPCs: Unity didn’t make any concrete announcements. However, its CEO told Reuters that generative AI would help game makers write dialogue and enable non-player characters to interact more naturally with human players.

Other News

  • LinkedIn goes generative: The Microsoft-owned company added new generative AI features to create user profiles and job descriptions.
  • SoundHound shows Chat AI assistant: The new mobile app offers an assistant that blends SoundHound’s NLU-based assistant with new LLM features.

More About GAIN

The GAIN Rundown was originally broadcast live on YouTube and LinkedIn, and we also added it to the Voicebot Podcast for your convenience. If you would like to watch the show live, join us on YouTube or LinkedIn at 12 noon EST on Thursdays. You can re-watch each week’s discussion on Voicebot’s YouTube channel and view the visuals that accompany the show.







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