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Hour One CEO Oren Aharon is Leveraging Generative AI to Fuse Video with Virtual Human Features – Voicebot Podcast Ep 348

Oren Aharon is CEO and founder of Hour One, a leader in virtual human innovation, and a pioneer in generative AI. He joined Bret Kinsella to talk about how the technology behind virtual humans has evolved and the role generative AI is playing in the next set of features.

Hour One’s new Reals Activate technology can transform any video into a scripted virtual human experience. It will align mouth movements and sounds to match a script to the video of a person. This means any video of you or anyone else can be transformed into a virtual human experience. Aharon debuted this technology for the first time publicly for the Voicebot Podcast audience.

If you would like to view the demos, a video of the full interview is available on Voicebot’s YouTube channel:

Aharon also talks about the market for virtual humans and how the rising interest in generative AI has accelerated use case adoption. He earned a Phd in electrical engineering from Technion and formerly was a co-founder at Kadoor Electronics and Vectorious Medical Technologies.

Oren Aharon Interview Show Notes – Hour One






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