Verbit Gen AI

Verbit Debuts Generative AI Features to Enhance Automated Transcriptions

Voice AI transcription developer Verbit has introduced generative AI to its services with the new Gen.V feature. Gen. V employs natural language processing to automatically identify and highlight the most important elements of a transcript produced by Verbit, creating useful summaries and ways to turn audio transcripts into written reports.

Generative AI Transcript Analysis

Verbit developed Gen.V from its own own proprietary AI. The new tool combines synthetic text generation with the generative AI model and provides a “Use Gen AI” button for users to activate the suite’s enhanced features. Once activated, Gen.V analyzes a transcript’s content and can summarize the text, pull out important keywords, and suggest headlines and ways to improve SEO. The new generative AI suite is initially being introduced to Verbit’s clients in higher education. The company plans to roll out Gen.V more broadly to additional sectors later this year as part of its ongoing mission to deliver greater value from transcripts leveraging AI. Verbit also has plans for additional tools like labeling any key topics and people.

“We believe the greatest value is created when services and solutions match customer needs. As such, Verbit is focusing on generative AI and uncovering industry-specific applications in each of our industries,” Verbit CEO Tom Livne said. “We’re excited that our first product for higher education is now live, and we’re in process of rolling out promising applications in other areas such as using AI to find contradictions in live depositions for the legal sector.”

Verbit Purchase

Verbit has scaled rapidly after raising $250 million in late 2021, only six months after a $157 million round. With more than $550 million of investment, Verbit acquired captioning tech provider VITAC, British market research transcription and captioning service Take Note, education and government-focused transcription provider Automatic Sync Technologies (AST), and media captioning firm U.S. Captioning last May. Generative AI tools build on the capabilities and audiences brought into Verbit’s fold with those acquisitions, so they don’t need to look elsewhere for a way to integrate their Verbit transcriptions with generative AI tools. That’s part of why education is the first foray for Verbit’s new options.

“It’s our mission to not only provide the best tools for transcription, but also to help our customers extract the full value from their transcripts by harnessing the power of the latest developments in generative AI,” Verbit vice president of marketing Michael Rosman said. “From a higher-ed perspective, the AI summaries of transcribed lecture materials make it easier for students of all backgrounds, abilities and learning styles to understand their subjects and improve their performance.”

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