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How AI Skills Proliferate Across Industries [Chart]

Generative AI skills are starting to spread as business adoption rises. However, AI expertise isn’t equally distributed across enterprise sectors. It’s growing at different rates, as seen in the LinkedIn Future of Work Report chart above

AI in Tech Efficiency

The survey found that 2.2% of employees in the technology, information, and media fields currently list AI as a skill. This represents the largest portion across the 10 U.S. sectors surveyed. While tech continues to house the largest concentration of AI expertise, professionals across sectors are ramping up skills. As more companies integrate AI, they seek workers who can implement, manage, and optimize AI systems.

Though not the largest in size, the financial services sector stands out for having the fastest growth in AI skills among its workers. Professionals at financial institutions are adding AI skills to their profiles at a rate 30 times faster than the technology industry. The report highlights some new applications for AI in areas like fraud detection, personalized marketing, and automated advising as areas where demand for AI skills in the finance world is booming. The retail, wholesale, and manufacturing verticals are also high on the adoption speed list.

“To realize the full promise of AI productivity gains depends on the diffusion of skills across geographies, industries, and talent,” LinkedIn Chief Economist Karin Kimbrough explained in the report. “AI adoption and optimization of its use will of course take time, but at this early stage, it appears that the pace of diffusion is getting underway. The brightest global economic outcome is one where innovation can cross borders and industry segments, and boost productivity growth for all.”


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