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Poe Generative AI Chatbot Hub Expands to Android, Adds Voice Input

Generative AI chatbot center Poe has introduced an Android app and made voice input available on its web portal among other upgrades. Created by the crowdsourced Q&A forum Quora, Poe, the Platform for Open Exploration, offers multiple AI-powered chatbots whose responses are supplemented by user-provided knowledge.

Quora Poe

The Android app functions just like the iOS version of Poe. It allows“back-and-forth dialogue with AI,” The list of available chatbots include OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Sage, and a limited version of GPT-4, multiple versions of the Claude generative AI chatbot built by Anthropic. The AI chatbots can help users find out information, compose text, and resolve problems or riddles, but Quora doesn’t do any moderation beyond what is built into the models.

“With the launch of our Android app, Poe now has real time chat sync across all bots on all major platforms: iOS, Android, and web, so you can use all your favorite bots and continue your conversations across all of your devices,” Quora explained in its announcement. “Access to GPT-4 and Claude+ is also available on Android immediately but temporarily requires subscribing on the web at poe.com.”

Poe Voice

Poe does go beyond ChatGPT in working in more than one language, however, including Spanish, French, and Chinese. Though Poe does solicit additional answers from users, it’s emphatically not part of Quora and operates as an independent project. Poe’s separation from Quora is likely because it is still a very new and experimental project. The voice input is only for the web version of Poe at the moment but basically leverages the online speech-to-text service to type up a user’s words.

The chatbot interface and mobile apps for generative AI are both seeing a lot of interest. OpenAI released the official ChatGPT app for iOS recently and made it available globally. Meanwhile, there are options like search engine developer You.com’s YouChat and Jasper’s Jasper Chat portal for its generative AI engine.

Along with the Android app and voice feature, Poe has been rolling out a growing list of features to make the chatbots more accessible and customizable. That includes access to the giant, 100,000 token context window for Anthropic’s Claude. Developers can also now use Poe to make API bots, unique variations on the chatbots that don’t require a new interface. Once built, the bots can be shared socially through what Quora refers to as the “Poe Protocol.”

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