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Microsoft Starts Adding Bing Generative AI Chatbot to Swiftkey Android App

Microsoft has begun integrating the Bing generative AI chatbot into the SwiftKey keyboard app for Android. The Bing Chat feature is accessible through SwiftKey’s beta channel and offers a new way to use the tool on mobile devices without requiring a separate app.

Generative AI Mobile

Bing AI came to mobile devices not long after its initial launch but was limited to the Bing mobile app or as a conversational option on Skype. Users can converse with Bing much as they would on the Bing website or app, finding out information or rewriting text based on different tones. The Bing AI is only available from the beta version of SwiftKey on the Google Play Store, and there’s no schedule yet for iOS release. Swiftkey has had a bumpy road on Apple devices since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, including a short-lived removal last year before Microsoft republished the app.

Microsoft is not the first to embed a generative AI chatbot in a mobile keyboard.  ParagraphAI released an iOS app that links to the keyboard and offers writing assistance based on OpenAI’s large language models. Accessing its full suite of features requires a subscription, however, while Swiftkey is free, at least for now. Paragraph also doesn’t include Microsoft’s first-party integration with the generative AI model, though it has been extending its list of functions since it first launched.

The direct linking of Bing to a mobile keyboard could further boost the already rapidly growing userbase for the generative AI chatbot, which Microsoft claims already draws more than 100 million daily active users. The end of the waiting list for the AI has also led to an ongoing explosion of new access points and ways to use the new Bing, so advertising is an obvious need. The mobile app, Windows 11 taskbar, and website offer a mix of conversation styles that could lend themselves to ads.

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