Bing Tone

Microsoft Offers Conversational Style Options to Bing Generative AI Chatbot

Microsoft has added options for how the Bing generative AI chatbot responds to queries. Users can decide the tone and style of the AI, adjusting how full or narrow to make its conversational approach.

Bing Style

Users talking to Bing online, with a mobile app, or through the Windows 11 taskbar can pick from Creative, Balanced, or Precise conversation styles. The styles reflect the names pretty accurately. Precise keeps Bing’s answers limited to the basics while focusing on accurate answers, Creative goes for what the company describes as “longer and more descriptive” answers, and Balanced falls somewhere in between. The tones are matched to different purple, blue, and green, as can be seen in the gif up top.

The conversational tone options come with several other updates as well. Users will see turn counters indicating how many chat turns they’ve had so far. That’s important with the limit of six imposed by Microsoft last week, though the company promises to extend it soon. Relatedly, the company upgraded the AI’s chat behavior, specifically loosening some of the fetters that impede the AI’s responses or prompt it to be defensive about what it can do. The goal seems to continue to walk back from the more cautious conversational approach adopted by Microsoft in the wake of well-publicized problematic and even unhinged responses from the AI.

“Our goal is to let you decide the type of chat behavior that best meets your needs. We’ll continue to tune this experience based on feedback,” Microsoft explained in a blog post. “We’ve improved some chat behaviors that previously would have unnecessarily constrained responses or made them appear defensive or adversarial. Bing responses should be more engaging and provide more elaborate observations.”

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