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Microsoft Bing’s Generative AI Chatbot Goes Mobile, Adds Vocal Input

Microsoft has augmented its new generative AI chatbot with voice input and extended access to the Bing and Edge browser mobile apps. Those who have already received desktop access can now talk to the AI on Android and iOS devices, though those still on the waitlist are unaffected. Microsoft has also incorporated the text-based version of the chatbot into its Skype messaging app.

Mobile Vocal Generative

People eager to use the new Bing features are likely to have already downloaded the Bing mobile app, as Microsoft is giving priority to those who install it. The Bing and Edge mobile apps provide the same service as their desktop counterparts. The voice option for talking to the chatbot is available on both desktop and mobile, and while it only goes in one direction, it’s likely to appeal to those who don’t want to write out long messages on a smartphone keyboard. It also provides more accessibility for those who regularly use voice controls on their devices.

“Available on iOS and Android today, the Bing mobile app offers a fresh look and experience. Tapping the Bing icon at the bottom will invoke a chat session, where you can engage in all the same ways you can from the desktop.” Microsoft explained in a blog post announcing the new features. “With the introduction of the new Bing mobile app, we’re adding one of the preview community’s most requested features – voice. Available on mobile and on desktop, voice search provides more versatility in how you can deliver prompts and receive answers from Bing. In addition, those who have access to the preview will be able to utilize the new Bing experience from the homepage of the Microsoft Edge mobile app.”

The Skype integration will serve to widen access to the Bing chatbot considerably. Though Skype is no longer the default video conference platform it once was, Microsoft claims there are 36 million daily users. To connect with the Bing chatbot, Skype users can use @Bing to ask the AI any questions that they would on a desktop. The chatbot offers different response formats as well. Users can choose to get their answers as regular text, bullet points, or in what Microsoft refers to as a “simplified response.”

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