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Lee Mallon on Recreating TripAdvisor with ChatGPT and DALL-E for $53 in Two Days – Voicebot Podcast Ep 319

Can you create these massive content sites that we now have known for years in the Web 2 world and do they have relevance in the web AI world. Can you recreat it very quickly… Everyting on there is generated, the images, the text. Only the prompts [are human created] and obivously there is code behind to create a website. But I don’t think we are that far away from the whole thing being completely prompt engineered. It was awkward to set up, but now I could create TripAdvisor for hotels, for bars, for businesses, for cities, for schools within a few hours.”

Lee Mallon is a CTO, developer, and technical advisor for AI and complex software projects. A couple of months ago, he created a hotel brand and brochure with his daughter using generative AI. It took them just 7 hours, and it wasn’t like they were trying to move quickly.

That project inspired him to see how quickly he could recreate a TripAdvisor-like website for family travel activities using generative AI. It took him two days and cost $53 to publish a website with over 2k activities, 2.6k images, and nearly 250k words. Learn how Lee did this, some tips, and what he sees next for automating digital experiences.

In addition, Lee and I go into the impact these technologies will have on conversational assistants and some new models that will need to be deployed.

Lee Mallon Interview – Show Notes Generative AI






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