1 Gain 5.4.23 Deep Floyd AI, ChatGPT Plugins Demo, Deepfakes Galore, Star Wars, & More

GAIN 13 – ChatGPT Plugins Demo, Deep Floyd, Deepfake Factories, Star Wars and More

Our Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown for May 4, 2023, began with a new synthetic media creation honoring Star Wars and then went deep on a number of breaking news items. Watch the show through the embedded YouTube video above.

We have a breakdown of the week’s top generative AI news stories and what they mean for the industry. News in this episode includes new synthetic media video creation tools, the new Deep Floyd text-to-image model from Stability AI, a demonstration of how ChatGPT Plugins actually work, Cohere’s funding round, PwC’s big generative AI budget, Samsung’s ChatGPT ban, Tencent deepfakes, TikTok, Pi, Bing Chat goes GA and more.

Today’s hosts are Bret Kinsella (that’s me), my Voicebot.ai colleague Eric Schwartz, and industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang. The top stories just this week in a generative AI galaxy that is very, very near include:

Unleashing a Synthetic Force

  • Wes Anderson’s Star Wars: In a galaxy not so far away, director Caleb Ward unleashed a one-minute cinematic masterpiece that sent millions of Twitter and YouTube users into a frenzy, dividing the fandom with the power of ironic humor. Aided by the formidable force of AI allies, Midjourney and ChatGPT, our hero Ward swiftly crafted this viral sensation destined to echo through the corridors of cyberspace.
  • Augie Shoots for the Stars: In a realm where time is of the essence, an industry analyst harnesses the power of the enigmatic Augie to forge a captivating tale in a mere 15 minutes. This alliance breathes life into the epic saga of a brave girl’s conquest of the big city, forging a triumphant path through adversity and ultimately, success.

Stable Expansion to the Outer Rim

  • The Rise of the Models: In a galaxy where AI reigns supreme, Stability AI unveils two powerful allies: Deep Floyd IF, a text-to-image wizard skilled in rendering text with unparalleled accuracy, and Stable Vicuna, an open-source chatbot prodigy trained through the ancient art of reinforced learning from human feedback.

Cohere Looks for Clear Trade Lanes

  • Star Words. The Text Awakens: In a sector riddled with fierce competition, Cohere’s valuation soars to an impressive $2 billion amidst a cosmic $250 million funding round. As they forge their unique path among the stars, Cohere’s unwavering focus on text-based LLMs and business-oriented applications sets them apart from the likes of OpenAI and Stability AI, giving them a chance to become the galaxy’s leading alternative LLM option.

The Enterprise Strikes Back

  • Rise of the Generative Alliance: In a bold move to conquer the cosmos of generative AI, business services titan PwC prepares to invest a staggering $1 billion, joining forces with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to revolutionize their business practice and usher in a new era of AI-driven solutions.
  • Samsung Travels to the Galaxy of Corporate Caution: The tech giant Samsung bans the use of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools for work purposes, citing security risks while developing its own AI solutions in an ever-evolving battle for productivity and privacy.

Disruption in the Workforce

  • The Rise of AI Denial: In a galaxy not so far away, 62% of Earthlings foresee a great disturbance in the workforce due to the rise of artificial intelligence, yet mysteriously, only 28% sense the impact on their own fates. This perplexing phenomenon discovered by Pew Research, known as “AI Denial Syndrome,” baffles minds across the cosmos.

Rise of the Clones

  • Alternate Reality: In the midst of an interstellar digital revolution, Tencent unveils a service for Earthlings to create their own deepfake “digital human” avatars for a mere $145, while rivals such as Synthesia charge a heftier fee and D-ID offers this for just a few credits. With this new power, social media influencers, small business owners, and professionals from all corners of the galaxy can create their own clone armies.
  • A New Force Awakens: In a galaxy where TikTok rules the social media universe, the platform now tests its generative AI prowess, allowing users to create synthetic avatars from a mere handful of photos. These digital doppelgängers may soon populate the TikTok-verse, transforming the way all living things express themselves in the cosmic dance of creativity.

The Chatbot Wars

  • A New Life of Pi: A new droid has joined the cosmic conversational realm – Pi, short for Personal Intelligence, a creation of Inflection AI. This emotionally intelligent chatbot, infused with empathy and compassion, aims to transform the way we interact with artificial entities, but not all is as it seems.
  • Bing Spreads Access to the AI Force: As the cosmic winds of innovation continue to blow, Microsoft’s Bing AI Chat emerges from the shadows of its waitlist, unveiling its newfound powers of visual search and third-party plug-in integration. The galaxy awaits as these advancements promise to reshape the way intergalactic explorers seek knowledge and wield artificial intelligence.
  • Interstellar Plugins and the UX Chronicles – In a galaxy not so far away, ChatGPT unveils 22 mighty plugins, bestowing users with the power of multimodal displays and real-time data. Yet, in this epic tale, our heroes grapple with the dark side of UX limitations as multiple plugins clash and “Incognito” mode remains elusive.

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