1 Gain 4.27 ChatGPT En Fuego, Hugging Chat, Deepfakes, Grimes, Google, and More

Generative AI News – New ChatGPT Features, HuggingChat, Google, Deepfakes, and More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 317

The Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown for April 27, 2023, was another heavy news week. We ran through the top stories on GAIN and what they mean for the industry. The developments include news from ChatGPT, HuggingFace, Google, Nvidia, Sensory, Hour One, D-ID, deepfake musicians, and more.

Your hosts today are Bret Kinsella and Voicebot.ai’s Eric Schwartz. The top stories in generative AI land this week include:

ChatGPT En Fuego

  • Plugging in a new vision: Greg Brockman from OpenAI demonstrated some new ChatGPT plugin features; several are jaw-dropping.
  • The “super app” virtual assistant we were promised: Brockman’s demo and the discussion about the product philosophy offer an insight into where ChatGPT is headed. Move over, Alexa. Get out of the way, Siri. ChatGPT may be the virtual assistant we have always wanted.
  • ChatGPT is anything but incognito: While everything ChatGPT seems to play out in the public eye, OpenAI recognized that not every user wanted every one of their chat conversations saved in perpetuity and used for future model training. Incognito (i.e., private chatting) is now available, and a “business mode” is coming soon.

HuggingChat Embraces Open Source

  • Open source competition for ChatGPT: Hugging Face stepped up and provided a ChatGPT alternative built on open source models and data. It’s a smaller AI model than ChatGPT and is pretty good.

Deepfake Entertainment

  • Drake, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, and Rihanna go viral: Viral hits from big stars are common. Deepfake viral hits mimicking the voice, style, and likeness of big stars may also become common. ghostwrider777 strikes again!
  • Joe Rogan comments run deep: New deepfakes mimicking Joe Rogan’s podcast have the comedian and commentator talking about a “slippery” slope.
  • Grimes jumps on board: The musical artist says she will split royalties 50/50 with anyone deepfaking her voice. She has no label and no binding legal constraints giving her more flexibility than most musicians.

More Virtual Human Expansion

  • Prompt-to-video: Hour One introduced a new text-to-video solution that enables full video generation for presentations from a single prompt.
  • Canva gets digital people: D-ID introduced a new Canva app that enables you to add generative videos to any project.
  • Chatbots are suddenly popular: Character AI landed $150M in funding at an obscene valuation. Virtual Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and 2.7 million other chatting avatars with personalities have driven 100M user visits in just two months.

Google Ups Generative Game

  • Bard learns to code: Google is slowly catching up with the generative AI leaders. It’s ChatGPT competitor—or, is it a Bing Chat competitor—can now code. This is not a true competitor to GitHub Copilot yet.
  • Sec-PaLM gets into security: Google also rolled out a new cybersecurity solution with the parsimonious name of Google Cloud Security AI Workbench. It is based on a fine-tuned version of the PaLM large language model (LLM).

Nvidia and Sensory Plug Market Gaps

  • ChatGPT gets an edge: Sensory rolled out a new hybrid on-device and cloud solution that can enable the use of ChatGPT and similar services on devices.
  • Nvidia on rails: NeMo, Nvidia’s LLM, now has a new feature for adding guardrails to other LLMs to align model outputs with companies’ safety and security requirements. NeMo Guardrails is open source and designed to work with any LLM.

More About GAIN

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