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Generative AI News – StableLM, Elon Musk, Drake Deepfake, and More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 316

The Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown on the Voicebot Podcast for April 20, 2023, was recorded live at the Model Mania conference, which focused on enterprise generative AI solutions. If you want to watch this show’s video, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click through to YouTube.

News this week has more on Elon Musk and some surprising news from Stability AI. We also talk about a deepfake of Drake and The Weeknd that went viral, Adobe Firefly, Atlassian, ChatGPT in government legal actions, Universal Music lawsuits, and more.

Bret Kinsella (that’s me) hosted this week with his Voicebot.ai colleague Eric Schwartz. The top stories in generative AI land this week include:

StableLM and Stable Diffusion XL

  • Big Data LLM: Stability AI introduced a new large language model trained on 1.5 trillion data tokens. It’s open-source and comes in a variety of model parameter sizes.
  • Stable Diffusion for the Enterprise: The new XL model from Stability AI offers better photorealism, more coherent text, and is positioned for enterprise use. Oh, and the company’s valuation may have risen from $1B to $4B in less than six months.

Adobe Firefly for Video

  • Generative AI for designers and video makers: Adobe Firefly will make it easier for designers to incorporate generative AI into their workflow. The new services for video production will take that to a new level in Premiere and After Effects.

Atlassian Intelligence

  • In-Context Search and Answers: The creator of Jira, Confluence, and Trello has added generative AI features for summarization, text generation, and question-answering from your productivity software data.

Elon Musk and X.ai

  • What is Elon up to now: Musk created a new company in Nevada last month called X.ai. He says he wants to create a third option beyond OpenAI and Google offerings.

Justice Dept Mentions ChatGPT

  • Name recognition on another level: The U.S. Justice Department’s suit against Google for alleged search monopolization said ChatGPT might have come sooner if not for the company’s stranglehold on the market.

The Weeknd and Drake Deepfake Goes Viral

  • Viral Music duo: 10M TikTok views and 600k Spotify streams later, a popular deepfake of a The Weeknd and Drake called “Heart on My Sleeve” was taken down due to a request from one of the music labels.

More About GAIN

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