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Sensory Gives Generative AI Chatbots a Voice on Consumer Devices

Voice AI developer Sensory has unveiled a new service that integrates conversational generative AI models like ChatGPT into consumer electronics with voice assistants. The new feature enables smartwatches, phones, cars, and other devices with voice assistants to link to generative AI chatbots and converse by voice.

Sensory Generative

Sensory is pitching the new feature as a way to enhance smart displays and devices without a keyboard. The combination of generative AI model and Sensory technology allows ChatGPT or other models to add wake word recognition, accurate speech-to-text and text-to-speech processing, and filtered responses to limit incorrect or wrong answers, the ‘hallucinations’ that generative AI models sometimes suffer from. Otherwise, Sensory describes the AI as capable of the same functions as generative AI chatbots, including follow-up questions and the abilityt to sort information upon request while using natural language. You can see an example of how it works below in an example where ChatGPT functions as a hotel front desk.




“Generative AI has the potential to make consumer devices smarter than ever,” Sensory CEO Todd Mozer said. “Integrating this powerful new technology with our robust voice AI stack is a game-changer for the market, and allows our customers to create a new generation of infinitely capable voice assistants tailored to a variety of customized domains. This launch expands Sensory’s capabilities to bring VoiceChat capabilities to devices of all types, giving businesses the opportunity to create more engaging and interactive products.”

Sensory’s generative AI features are built on its platform introduced last year. SensoryCloud started with voice and visual AI services and the option for customers to features like speech-to-text, sound identification, and biometric verification. Sensory is known for its VoiceHub platform, where clients could create custom wakewords and voice commands to install on smart devices, but SensoryCloud widened its approach to a hybrid of on-device and cloud services as is the case with the generative AI chat feature.

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