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AI21 Adds Siri Voice Control and Text Creation to Wordtune Generative AI Writing Assistant App

Generative AI startup AI21 Labs has integrated Apple’s Siri voice assistant into the iOS version of its Wordtune AI writing assistant. Siri can be used to relay prompts for generating text in Wordtune, another new feature for the mobile app.

Wordtune Siri

Wordtune launched for iOS as a keyboard option on iPhones that would offer alternative phrasing and rewrite messages. The updated Wordtune can now compose a text based on prompts, similar to how it performs on other platforms. The prompts can be instructional, such as asking for a set of social media posts, an email, or initiating a text message chain. It can even analyze photos well enough to suggest a caption. The other additional feature lets users dictate their prompt using Siri with the command,“Hey Siri, create with Wordtune.” Wordtune for iOS is free but only includes ten rewrite or composition suggestions a day. The premium plan removes those limits for $25 a month or $10 a month with the yearly subscription.

“For iPhone users, a huge part of the experience has been leveraging the power of Siri to help us with our daily tasks, but until now, generating full texts has been beyond the reach of the technology,” AI21 Labs CEO Ori Goshen said.  “With this new update, we are excited to integrate Siri into the generative AI experience, ushering in a new era of voice-prompted text generation, allowing users to simply and easily compose any text, at any time, changing the way we communicate from our phones.”

AI21 Generation

The iOS app upgrade follows other new and enhanced features from AI21. The company recently linked Google Docs to the Wordtune Spices generative AI feature for guidance. That came after the release of AI21’s new Jurassic-2 large language model and a set of new APIs for enterprise customers. The APIs slim down the generative AI model to the minimum of what the companies want from generative AI. That list includes tools for paraphrasing, summarizing, checking grammar, segmenting long texts by topic, and recommending improvements for a piece of writing. Wordtune already offers an iOS app and enterprise-focused Wordtune Read. AI21’s ambitions will likely see many more Wordtune upgrades thanks in part to a $64 million funding round last year.

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