AI21 Jurassic-2

AI21 Debuts New Generative AI Large Language Model Jurassic-2 and APIs

Generative AI developer AI21 Labs has released the Jurassic-2 large language model, upgrading from the Jurassic-1 model the company introduced in 2021. AI21 unveiled the latest model in tandem with an assortment of five new APIs for companies seeking to embed generative AI features in their own products.

Generative Jurassic-2

Jurassic-2 adds power, speed, and expanded features to AI21’s generative AI portfolio. The model is available in three sizes to serve different needs: Large, Grande, and Jumbo. They all work faster than Jurassic-1, with AI21 claiming the Jumbo model is 30% faster than Jurassic-1 in response time. Jurassic-2 is also better at following directions, with each size having its own instruction-tuned version of the model. It can also converse in half a dozen languages besides English, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch. The model is trained on data updated in the middle of last year, compared to ChatGPT, which closed its database at the end of 2021. Though that does put a limit on using Jurassic-2 for current knowledge, it’s balanced by more accuracy within the data it accesses.

The new model is accompanied by five APIs built by AI21 for businesses that want narrowly tailored generative AI features. The smaller digital package of each API lets companies have the generative AI they want without taking up more resources for features they aren’t interested in embedding. The list of new APIs includes tools for paraphrasing, summarizing, checking grammar, segmenting long texts by topic, and recommending improvements for a piece of writing.

“When we released Jurassic-1, we were the first company to offer open access to LLMs without any waiting list, allowing anyone to build textual generative AI apps,” AI21 Labs Co-CEO Ori Goshen said. “The Jurassic-2 family of models represents the next leap forward and will enable developers and organizations to build text-based applications, faster, with state-of-the-art performance at a fraction of the cost. For those who don’t need all the capabilities for Jurassic-2 but still want to integrate generative AI into their websites, we also have new task-specific APIs to make our language models easily available to businesses and their needs.”

Jurassic-2 augments all of AI21’s generative AI products and services and is available for other developers to play with through its AI21 Studio and custom pre-trained conversational AI models. The models are already in use for everything from grocery chain Publicis’ customer service to creating the video game adventures of AI Dungeon. The upgrade will directly impact AI21’s Wordtune AI writing assistant, which has already received several improvements and expansions over the last few months. Wordtune became available as an iOS app in December, and AI21 recently introduced Wordtune Spices, a collection of writing tools including linked citations and stylistic enhancements. And There’s also Wordtune Read, a version designed for enterprise services.

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