Discord Clyde

Discord Kicks Off Generative AI Makeover With OpenAI-Powered Chatbot, Moderator and Conversation Summarizer

Discord introduced a generative AI upgrade to the Clyde chatbot and a conversational summary tool this week. The communications platform teased several more such features to come as it joins the blitz of companies augmenting their software with generative AI features.

Generative Discord AI

Discord has embedded long-time mascot and chatbot Clyde with OpenAI’s technology, presumably the new ChatGPT API. Clyde will be able to discuss a lot more topics and handle a broader array of tasks, such as suggesting music, organizing a calendar of events, or even hosting a trivia game for a group. OpenAI’s large language models will also underlie the new AutoMod AI, an upgraded version of the semi-independent moderation tool introduced last year to help block unwanted messages. AutoMod AI does the same task but with a far greater ability to discern problems within the context of server rules and the flow of the conversation. The third of Discord’s first wave of generative AI features will process a conversational thread and summarize it for users who don’t want to go through what may be a very long list of messages. Discord also teased a ‘Whiteboard with AI’ feature that lets users collaborate on a shared digital space and includes an AI text-to-image generator.

Disc‍ord has a few other generative AI plans aimed at developers. The company released a new feature called Avatar Remix as an open-source codebase. The software revamps a user’s avatar photo with generative AI images, but Discord hopes developers expand and reconfigure the feature. Discord is also on the lookout for generative AI developers and startups to join a new AI incubator funded by its $5 million ecosystem fund. Participants will get a cash grant and other support from Discord to grow their company, including early access to upcoming features for Discord.

“Almost 3 million Discord servers include an AI experience, ranging from generating gaming assets to groups writing novels with AI, to AI companions, AI companies and AI-based learning communities. More than 10 percent of new Discord users are joining specifically to access AI interest based communities on our platform. Why is Discord becoming the home for AI? Simple: on Discord you can enjoy AI with friends,” Discord vice president of platform ecosystems Anjney Midha wrote in a blog post announcing the new features. “We hope you’re getting the picture that AI is a technology we’re truly excited about. In addition to these experiments, we are hard at work imagining other creative ways AI can come to life on Discord. Here are a couple more things we’re exploring that you may see on Discord one day.”

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