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Discord Shuts Down Stage Discovery Social Audio Event Finder

Discord has shut down the Stage Discovery tool for finding social audio live events on the Stage Channels social audio platform. The search and exploration feature was launched in June but the AI-powered channel curation but Discord claimed the current version created too many headaches for administrators and moderators, obliquely hinting at an issue with trolls finding their way onto the channels.

Discovery Done

Discord’s Stage Channels are a social audio digital space for events and shows. The Discovery feature was designed to help creators and audiences connect. Only servers with more than 7,000 members could become publicly visible with Discovery, but now all of them are consigned to the Discord server listing websites with the smaller servers. or other marketing approaches. Discovery worked well at bringing new people into events who might never have found them but caused issues of moderation and control. Anecdotal evidence from a few Discord events suggests the public forum and wide advertisement of the Stage Channels were a temptation for those more interested in disrupting the proceedings in various ways. So, while Discord is still very keen on the Stage Channels, the Discovery feature needs some retooling.

“Since the initial launch of the Stage Discovery pilot, we’ve been keeping an eye on whether or not Stage Discovery has been truly supporting our goal of helping people find community and evaluating if it’s delivering on that promise. In listening to our communities and admins directly, we’ve learned that we still have work to do in regards to server onboarding and moderation,” Discord explained in a blog post. “We’re going to take some time to rethink the Discovery aspect of Stages and how we can better build a place that best connects people to the communities most relevant to them. In the meantime, we’re going to continue to invest in Stage channels themselves as a way for communities to engage and focus our efforts on solving community onboarding challenges that we’ve heard directly from admins, moderators, and users.”

Stage Success

Discord’s massive growth in size and features over the last couple of years led to a major social audio overhaul last year. The shift away from Discovery just continues its evolution. Nonetheless, Discord claims nearly a million communities have hosted a Stage since they debuted in March and that there are hundreds of thousands of communities with events at least once a month. The $500 million funding round Discord closed in September will partly be used to produce other features for Stage Channels. Hosts will be able to schedule events, screen and welcome members, and better moderate the events.


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