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AI21 Labs Embeds Wordtune Generative AI Writing Assistant in Google Docs

Google Docs users can now consult the Wordtune Spices generative AI feature for guidance. Wordtune creator AI21 Labs opened access to the Spices collection of rhetorical generative text tools via its Google Chrome extension and added a new grammar corrector and sentence recommendations to help clarify a writer’s meaning.

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Spices are tailored prompts to enhance and offer more variety than the standard Wordtune text generation. The feature debuted in January with a dozen options covering factual and stylistic flourishes. The list included hyperlinked citations, statistics, or nature facts, as well as inspirational quotes, analogies, and jokes. Since then, Wordtune introduced a Spice called Free Text which offers a box to type any instruction for Wordtune to use as a prompt for generating content should the existing Spice list prove inadequate. The Google Docs news comes in tandem with two new Spices. One will seek grammar errors to offer corrections while the other centers on streamlining writing to get at the heart of the matter.

“Our mission at AI21 Labs is to revolutionize the way people read & write by empowering, not replacing them with AI technology.” said Ori Goshen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of AI21 Labs.”Wordtune Spices is introducing a new generative paradigm, where the tool suggests useful continuations according to the writer’s guidance, which blends naturally within the writing workflow. We’re thrilled to make this capacity and interaction available to millions of Google Docs users.”

The Wordtune upgrade follows the release of AI21’s new Jurassic-2 large language model and a set of new APIs for enterprise customers. The APIs slim down the generative AI model to the minimum of what the companies want from generative AI. That list includes tools for paraphrasing, summarizing, checking grammar, segmenting long texts by topic, and recommending improvements for a piece of writing. Wordtune already offers an iOS app and enterprise-focused Wordtune Read. AI21’s ambitions will likely see many more Wordtune upgrades thanks in part to a $64 million funding round last year.

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