Ada Debuts Generative AI Customer Service Automation

Customer service automation startup Ada has introduced a new set of generative AI tools to its platform. Ada’s new features are designed around using large language models to help clients automatically answer customer queries accurately regardless of the question’s complexity and do so through any communication channel, including text messages and phone calls.

Generative Ada

The new generative AI functions employ LLMs like OpenAI’s GPT-4, fine-tuned to customer service through training on more than four billion customer conversations. The startup’s goal is to enable companies to answer any customer question by voice or text in any language with little or no intervention by the brand’s employees. Ada’s new Copilot feature, meanwhile, can generate content, drawing from company databases, while giving it the ability to carry out transactions for consumers. The AI streamlines voice conversations as well, replacing the standard menu with a more human-like conversational interface. Ada also augments the LLMs with safety checks developed in-house to keep the responses appropriate, accurate, and relevant. That includes some no-code editing tools so that a business can adjust the AI’s answers as the correct response changes over time.

“Ada has been at the forefront of customer service automation for the past six years, and our most trailblazing clients have experienced first-hand how AI and automation can revolutionize their CX,” Ada CEO Mike Murchison said. “With the addition of Voice, Ada is the first company in the world to offer one customer service automation platform, powered by generative AI, that works for both messaging and voice. This gives companies the ability to create truly omnichannel experiences — building once and resolving inquiries on phone and messaging channels without having to duplicate efforts.”

Customer Service AI

Generative AI has seen a booming market among customer service providers as in other industries this year. LivePerson and Cohere recently partnered to bring custom LLMs to enterprise services, while NLX and Conversica have both embedded generative AI into their virtual agent platforms. The brand-specific generative AI for customer service has also become part of bigger names in customer service like’s Dynamic Conversation Designer, Gupshup’s enterprise chatbots, and Yext’s Auto Bot Builder. Ada counts several major brands like Meta and Verizon among its more than 300 client companies. The seven-year-old Toronto-based startup has raised around $190 million, mostly in a $130 million Series C round in 2021.

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