Model Mania Event 6×4

Generative AI Collides with Enterprise Conversational AI – Demos, Data, and Use Cases in a New Voicebot Event

Join us this Thursday at 12 noon ET for the [AI] Model Mania online conference. The event will showcase a half dozen demos and some market data around generative AI use cases in the enterprise. Got-It AI, HumanFirst, NLX, Skilled Creative, and Voiceflow will present demos, share enterprise perspectives on generative AI, and discuss what’s next.


The event is free for all readers. Register to join live, get access to the video recordings afterward, and early access to a new research report on large language model (LLM) use cases in the enterprise. Plus, it is run through Zoom’s online event platform, which is easy to access and will enable you to connect with other attendees.

  • Event: Model Mania – Generative AI Collides with Enterprise Conversational AI
  • Day: Thursday, April 20th
  • Time: 12:00 Noon EDT
  • Location: Online Zoom Conference

What You Will Learn

The Model Mania format is about sharing, showing, and discussing. Each presenter will share the key ideas behind their generative AI enabled features, demo the functionality, and then discuss the implications and challenges in more detail with Voicebot’s Bret Kinsella. Some use cases and features will include:

  • How GPT-4 and similar solutions are changing the conversation design process
  • How LLMs can help harvest optimization and automation opportunities hidden in conversation data
  • How LLM hallucinations will be mitigated or eliminated in runtime environments
  • How to cut through the LLM hype to capture practical benefits in your existing conversational AI solutions
  • How ChatGPT + Stable Diffusion + Canva + Tome can support a productivity pipeline to accelerate new product creation and launch
  • How the enterprise market will adopt generative AI

Why Model Mania? created Model Mania to fill an information gap around generative AI for enterprise professionals. There is a lot of coverage of consumer-facing generative AI applications and some high-profile brands in the enterprise software segment using the technology. Similarly, headlines are filled daily with activities and announcements by the AI leaders such as OpenAI, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Google.

Many conversational AI and specialty applications have also made announcements, but awareness is low because there is so much noise in this space. Model Mania is designed to raise awareness and educate enterprise users about the key ideas and technology approaches that create new opportunities and solve long-standing problems.

I hope you can join us this Thursday. And, bring a friend or colleague. Please share this with your network.