Yellow AI Dynamic Leverages Generative AI for New Dynamic Conversation Designer

Enterprise conversational AI platform has introduced a new design tool employing generative AI to create virtual customer service agents more quickly and with little or no coding. The new Dynamic Conversation Designer simplifies designing a voice or text-based conversational AI enough that Yellow claims it can cut development time in half.

Generative Dynamics

The Dynamic Conversation Designer aims to improve interactions between customers and AI by replacing the usual method of starting with design flowcharts and then moving on to development. That can often mean developers begin at square one every time. Instead, the development automatically builds on the design, with automated syncing between them. The tool can help designers brainstorm, extrapolate from existing templates, and will even spot possible errors in the program in future updates. Developers can also apply generative AI to control voice effects. Crucially, developers and designers can see previews of the AI during its creation, enabling real-time collaboration between the two that traditional methods don’t make easy.

“Conversational flows that lack design thinking can frustrate customers, diminish expected ROI, and potentially damage the brand,” CEO Raghu Ravinutala said. “Delivering increased productivity, our Dynamic Conversation Designer is directly in line with our vision of empowering businesses to deliver the most impactful interactions at scale and speed.”

Yellow hopes the design upgrade will result in customers reporting better conversations with AI agents. The new design tool complements the proprietary DynamicNLP technology Yellow introduced last year. DynamicNLP relies on a zero-shot learning technique giving developers a quick method for producing a conversational chatbot or voice assistant with 97% accuracy in minutes instead of months. Yellow’s DynamicNLP is a self-trained model that continually updates as new conversations are processed. Ravinutala explained that the speed benefit is central to the Dynamic Conversation Designer as well.

“Leveraging it, we were recently able to deliver a full-fledged chatbot implementation in two hours, a significant improvement from the previous requirement of at least two days for design and development in silos,” Ravinutala said. “Also, by integrating generative AI with’s proprietary insights engine and conversation designer, we aim to produce improved business results, including increased deflection rates, improved conversion rates, a highly personalized customer experience, and faster resolution times.”

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