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Sony Launches ‘Isha’ Indian Customer Service Voice Assistant With

Sony has introduced a new voice assistant for customer service in India in partnership with enterprise conversational AI startup The new ‘Isha’ AI is a multilingual virtual agent able to handle conversations in English, Hindi, and Bengali and answer questions for customers or connect them to human agents as needed.

Isha AI’s automated chat services take up the role of customer service for those who call the free phone number, which customers can call any time. Isha can respond to what customers say using Yellow’s natural language processing skill combined with data from Sony to pinpoint details and better serve them. Yellow’s platform is designed to minimize the coding necessary to create the bots as a way of enticing larger enterprises to join without needing to hire dedicated programmers.

“With our constantly expanding customer base and vast network of dealers, Sony India recognizes the need to provide 24×7 assistance with a dedicated helpline for quick sales and service support. With deep back-end integration with the Sony CRM, the voice AI agent collects, records and analyzes user information to deliver personalized experiences,” Sony India national head of customer service Vishal Mathur said. “We are pleased to join hands with for their support in taking Sony’s exceptional customer service support a notch higher. Within two months of going live, ‘Isha’ has successfully handled over 21,000 customer and dealer calls with seamless integration. As always, we value our customers who are an integral part of our growth and we endeavor to deliver the best-in-class customer experience.”

Yellow Growth

Yellow’s deal with Sony follows a period of significant growth for the firm. Last year, Yellow started a partnership with Microsoft to upgrade its voice AI services with Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive to make the custom voice assistants seem more human, and then moved its headquarters to the U.S. and raised $78.15 million, bringing its total funding to $102.15 million. Investor confidence likely came easy for Yellow, which reported 470% growth in recurring revenue and many new customers since its last round of funding in April of the previous year.

“Customers today seek hyper-personalized and instant support from brands, with convenience becoming a key differentiator. We have seen voice emerge as a key channel to create such seamless experiences,” CEO Raghu Ravinutala said. “Our highly trained voice AI agents are equipped with advanced features that allow tailoring speech recognition models to adapt to users’ speaking styles, expressions, and unique vocabularies. Sony India’s ‘Isha’ is an innovative conversational AI solution that is testimony to the power of Voice AI technology. We are excited to work alongside a legacy brand like Sony India towards delivering delightful customer experiences at scale.”

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