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Soul Machines Debuts Virtual Health and Wellness AI Coach ‘Jenny’

Virtual being developer Soul Machines and nutrition provider Calocurb have unveiled digital health and wellness coach “Jenny.” The animated AI character combines realistic synthetic media and conversational AI to offer quasi-human guidance for people using Calocurb to improve their health, a first in the market, according to Soul Machines.

Coach Jenny

Calocurb sells a “natural appetite suppressant” and incorporates broader health guidance and education in relation to its main product. Jenny is designed to help customers who have questions about the product or who are seeking advice on reaching fitness goals and other wellness plans. The AI can answer questions using any data on the website, including relevant diagrams and videos. For prospective customers, Jenny can even break down the various purchase options and link to Calocurb’s store. The nutritional e-commerce firm produced all of Jenny’s conversation, but Soul Machines is behind the actual virtual being. Jenny uses cameras and microphones to detect and track a user’s speech, facial expressions, and body language while synthetically generating the appropriate response to mimic the way a human would look and sound.

“We are so excited to welcome Jenny to the Calocurb team,” Calocurb CEO Sarah Kennedy said. “Jenny is a first-to-the-world 24-hour digital health and wellness coach, answering common questions about how Calocurb works, how to take it, and the science behind the product. The Soul Machines team has been amazing to work with, guiding and providing us with incredible support in creating Jenny.”

Virtual Helpers

Soul Machines has been accelerating the pace for rolling out its virtual beings. The company recently expanded the presence of the Digital Iris synthetic concierge that it jointly operates with IBM Watson at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Soul Machines’ synthetic media and AI creations represent companies and brands through real-world kiosks, the web, and now the metaverse. The startup created a virtual Jack Nicklaus for the golfer’s Nicklaus Companies by combining synthetic speech and visuals with an AI designed to mimic conversations with the real Jack Nicklaus, thanks to a voice model of Nicklaus. Digital versions of celebrities like basketball star Carmelo Anthony, expected later this year, are just one facet of what Soul Machines does. Jenny joins with other customer service AIs from Soul Machines, like Nestle Toll House cookie coach Ruth and New Zealand police department virtual officer Ella, but Jenny’s place at the intersection of health and e-commerce is notable as Soul Machines plans out its next steps.

“We’re eager to introduce Jenny as the first Digital Person to step into the health and wellness space,” Soul Machines CEO Greg Cross said. “She showcases the vast capabilities of our technology and the immense potential for companies and individuals that want to invest in Digital People and AI solutions.”

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