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Greg Cross of Soul Machines on Autonomous Digital People – Voicebot Podcast Ep 276

Greg Cross, CEO and co-founder of Soul Machines, recently took to the stage at the Synthedia synthetic media conference with a discussion titled: “The Robots are Coming and We Need Them Now.” His thesis that we are already living in the future because the events over the past two years have accelerated societal change is backed up by mounting data. One area that is greatly impacted is the accelerated need for automation, and often, it requires a digital brain to determine what types of digital services and interactions will best serve a custom. Enter autonomous digital people.

The company has come a long way since Greg first appeared on the Voicebot Podcast in 2021. One use case on the rise is digital celebrity clones. In 2021, Soul Machines partnered with Will.i.am and the celebrity roster added NBA star Carmelo Anthony and gold legend Jack Nicklaus in 2022. More celebrity collaborations are expected before the end of the year. These implementations differ from many others in the vitual human space as they are fully interactive. The digital clones have learned about the celebrities they represent and can interact with users based on that context. Of course, these same capabilities can be molded into a brand ambassador, company employee, virtual influencers, or information desk worker.

Greg’s talk can also be viewed in Voicebot’s YouTube channel where you will see as well as hear the digital humans. However, the presentation and the conversation are also well-suited to listening. If you want to know what 2025 looks like, you can see it all around you right now.

Greg Cross Interview – Soul Machines

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