X600 10 Minutes on Autonomous Digital People with Soul Machines Greg Cross

10 Minutes On Autonomous Digital People with Greg Cross from Soul Machines

Soul Machines made waves recently after creating autonomous digital twins of golf legend Jack Nicklaus (i.e. Digital Jack) and NBA all-star Carmelo Anthony (i.e. Digital Melo). These are autonomous as opposed to scripted digital twins. Voicebot readers will know about scripted digital twins that show up on a video, but you cannot interact with them. Soul Machines is focused on the interactive element in addition to the hyper-real visual rendering, which includes what company CEO Greg Cross calls “a digital brain.”

Digital Jack and Digital Melo know a lot about their real-life twins, and they can hold a conversation. That means you can ask the digital twins questions and get answers similar to what you would hear from the real Jack and Carmelo. However, the technology is not limited to twins of real people. Soul Machines has created new autonomous, conversational digital people for brands, police departments, banks, healthcare providers, and a wide range of other organizations.

Greg sat down with me to talk about how autonomous digital people bring unique value to consumer brands. In the interview, we go through a demonstration of a digital cookie coach named Ruth that was developed for Nestle and show off the newly created digital Melo. We also discuss the core use cases, what it means for digital people to have skills, and how some brands are using digital people to create direct relationships with customers for the first time.

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