Grammarly Tone

Grammarly’s AI Writing Assistant Now Suggests Tone Rewrites for More Positive and Personable Communication

AI writing assistant Grammarly has augmented its services with a new tone rewrite feature. Now, along with checking spelling, grammar, and general readability, the AI tool will offer ideas for upping the confidence, personality, and positivity of the written communication, aiming specifically at workplace discussions.

Grammarly Tone

According to a survey by Grammarly, struggling with the right tone is an issue for 93% of professionals. Their difficulties with conveying information in a way that avoids tone pitfalls is what led to the new tone suggestions. Grammarly users will see the tone suggestions alongside the usual annotations for corrections. The tone rewrite feature leverages Grammarly’s machine learning for three types of ideas for changing written text. The AI will lay out how the writing can be more positive and constructive, how the writer can sound more confident and persuasive, and how they can soften stiff language to be more personable. It’s a little like how Amazon’s Halo wristband will judge and offer suggestions to improve a wearer’s vocal tone.

“As teams work across more locations, time zones, and systems, the need to reimagine effective communication and the importance of emotional connection in the workplace has never been more critical,” Grammarly global head of product Rahul Roy-Chowdhury said. “When working asynchronously and in digital formats, the right tone can help make up for the lack of body language and in-person cues that previously guided so many of our workplace interactions. Grammarly’s new tone rewrite suggestions empower individuals and teams with the confidence their communication is well-received so they can build more productive relationships—marking another milestone in our mission to improve lives by improving communication.”

Tone rewrite is already available in Grammarly Premium and will come to Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education soon. The Grammarly Business variant can even be adjusted for writing public text that stays on-brand. The new feature follows Grammarly’s efforts to widen its appeal and reach after the company closed a $200 million funding round at the end of last year.

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