Guetta AI Eminem

David Guetta Plays Deepfake Eminem With AI-Generated Lyrics and Voice at Concert

A deepfake version of Eminem played at one of popular French DJ David Guetta’s recent shows. Guetta used generative AI to write Eminem-style lyrics, then employed a synthetic voice clone to perform the song and blast “Emin-AI-em” over the speakers.


Guetta cleverly melded two generative AI tools for his show. Though he doesn’t specifically mention what tools he used, he does mention asking an AI to “write a verse in the style of Eminem about future rave,” which suggests ChatGPT or an equivalent conversational generative AI chatbot, though AI song-writing assistants like LyricStudio are also on the rise. Lyrics like “This is the future rave sound. I’m getting awesome and underground” are not likely to trick Eminem mega-fans into thinking this is an unreleased track, but it’s not nonsense, and it does rhyme. The mushrooming number of voice cloning tools, even music-specific ones, makes it hard to pin down whether Guetta used Respeecher, Voicemod, ElevenLabs, or any number of alternatives. Guetta followed up on the video by reassuring people he would not release the song commercially.

“This is something I made as a joke and it worked so good, I could not believe it. I discovered those websites about AI – basically, you can write lyrics in the style of any artist you like,” Guetta said in an interview included in the clip above. “And I went to another AI website that I can recreate the voice. I put the text in that and I played the record and people went nuts.”

Synthetic Songs

Synthetic songwriting highlights the power of generative AI while drawing heated debate over how the tech is used. For instance, Google researchers recently showcased a new large language model (LLM) called MusicLM that can turn written prompts into musical compositions, extrapolate a symphony from a few bars of humming or whistling, and adjust for requested instruments, style, and even musical ability. But, a small chance of repeating a bit of copyrighted music means the model is not available to the public. A semi-satirical AI Drake song generator got shut down in less than a month for similar reasons. Meanwhile, the non-musical deepfake Keanu Reeves on TikTok continues to share videos where the only arguments are between those who think it’s really the actor and those who are trying to convince them otherwise.

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