Army Drone ChatGPT

US Army Drafts ChatGPT to Write Articles

The United States Department of Defense has enlisted ChatGPT to write a press release about a new task force working on new ways to counter the threat of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Essentially the U.S. Army has employed OpenAI’s generative AI to write about new techniques, some rooted in AI, to combat flying drones that may also have an AI pilot.

Military Correspondent ChatGPT

The Pentagon published ChatGPT’s writing on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS). The article covers the debut of Task Force 39, a kind of research and experimentation group working on counter-drone and other defense innovations through technology and partnerships with people and businesses involved near Army operations. The piece doesn’t mention DoD experiments with AI like autonomous aircraft, voice assistants, and self-driving tanks, but a ChatGPT-written article does speak to the military’s interest and investment in developing AI capabilities. That now includes ChatGPT. The Army prefaces the article by briefly announcing ChatGPT’s involvement and the reasoning behind using it to write a press release.

“The article that follows was generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. No endorsement is intended,” the article explains. “The use of AI to generate this story emphasizes U.S. Army Central’s commitment to using emerging technologies and innovation in a challenging and ever-changing operational environment.”

The article doesn’t say if the explanation was also composed by ChatGPT, nor is there any mention of humans editing the AI-generated draft. There are no obvious flaws or errors in the piece, which might mean there was a little light proofreading or a very well-written prompt. Any stilted language and organization could be attributed to being a military press release as easily as AI idiosyncrasy. It does at least seem to have dodged the avalanche of errors and plagiarism that CNET had to respond to in a long correction to its AI-generated articles.

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