AI Songwriting Assistant LyricStudio Has Collaborated on More Than a Million Songs

AI assistant LyricStudio has helped musicians write more than a million songs in under two years. LyricStudio offers a specific focus in the growing AI writing assistant space, applying machine learning and natural language processing to engage with songwriters as they compose the lyrics to their music.

AI Lyricist

LyricStudio is the first project from creative technology developer WaveAI. The service now claims hundreds of thousands of users globally and in every musical genre. The platform asks users to explain the style they are working in and the topic they want to write a song about. LyricStudio’s AI then comes up with suggestions based on those parameters. As with prose writing assistants, continual use helps teach the AI more about the individual artist’s preferences, which the AI can then apply toward producing more appealing and useful ideas. Even while working on the song, the artist can add their lyric ideas to the platform, and the AI will adapt its next suggestions around the additional input.

“Even in the early days, we knew that our AI was the next phase of evolution in human creative expression. For me, it has always ultimately been about the mission. It is difficult to express the depth of satisfaction I get from hearing how our product transforms the creative flow for so many songwriters,” WaveAI CEO Maya Ackerman explained. “Artists have shared that it enables them to win songwriting competitions, helps them enter new genres, increases writing productivity, and, in many cases, makes songwriting possible when it was previously a dream.”

Synthetic Media Collaboration

Though the AI can arguably be described as a co-writer or at least a collaborator, LyricStudio has no royalty demands. Access to the full LyricStudio AI is available as a subscription. Though most of the million songs are not burning up the charts, it has contributed to several success stories. Producer and songwriter Zell used LyricStudio to help write “Blow Up,” his 2021 debut single. “Blow Up” has more than 400,000 Spotify plays and has been viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube.

“I really didn’t know if I wanted to keep writing music before I found LyricStudio, because it was so much harder for me to write lyrics at the time. It was discouraging,” Zell explained. “With LyricStudio, I feel like my songwriting has drastically improved. It’s been the closest thing to having someone right there in the studio with me helping me brainstorm ideas and write.”


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