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Zohaib Ahmed on Creating Andy Warhol’s Voice Clone – Voicebot Podcast Ep 282

Zohaib Ahmed joined us at the Synthedia synthetic media conference in September to discuss Resemble AI’s work re-creating the voice of famed pop artist Andy Warhol. A Netflix documentary was under development that centered around Warhol’s diaries. The creators thought it would be more impactful if the viewers could hear the ideas and experiences of Warhol in the artist’s own voice. So, they began searching for a synthetic speech provider that could create a voice clone.

Ahmed goes through the creation process and some of the challenges faced along the way. Plus, there are a couple of nuances in the story and the technical approach that you will find interesting.

Zohaib Ahmed is the CEO and co-founder of Resemble AI. He appeared in earlier podcast episodes 103 and 251, where he discussed the company’s origin and how the market has evolved since 2019. Ahmed was previously a lead software engineer at Magic Leap and Hipmunk and a developer at Blackberry.

Voicebot’s Eric Schwartz interviews Ahmed in this episode which represents the first time Bret Kinsella has not led the main interview in the Voicebot Podcast. Bret Kinsella does add commentary at the end about the evolution of synthetic speech.

Zohaib Ahmed Interview at Synthedia – Resemble AI

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