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Marketing Content Platform Simplified Launches AI Text-to-Image Generator

Image via Simplified

Marketing content creation firm Simplified has introduced an AI text-to-image generator to its platform. The new tool combines OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion synthetic media services enabling its clients to produce visuals from a written prompt.

Simplified Artistry

Simplified’s text-to-image tool is accessible on the company’s website and app. The platform already includes a text generator for writing product descriptions and blog posts, along with the more standard graphic designer and social media organizer. The new art generator starts with users writing text prompts into a provided box. They can write their own or use one of the suggested ideas from Simplified based on the style and “type of shot” they are looking to produce. For instance, the image above was generated by Simplified using the prompt, “portrait of cyborg Cleopatra, digital art, cyberpunk.” The new text-to-image tool augments Simplified’s existing AI-powered services.

“The text-to-image feature grew out of Simplified’s other AI tools by allowing users to input text and receive an image in return. We wanted to help designers and marketers who spend lots of time finding the right image for their social ads or campaigns by giving them ideas, or even finding the image they need,” Simplified CEO and co-founder KD Despande told Voicebot. “We constructed and trained our models on top of Stable Diffusion open-source and DALL-E technology. Both are available as options when creating images. We envision that it will be used by creators and marketing teams who want to generate images of people, faces, or scenes. Customers could use the tool to generate images for marketing materials, such as product photos, social posts, and website images.”

Synthetic Success

According to a Generative Design Market Research report, the generative art market is worth $454 million and the value appears to be growing fast, judging from the accelerating pace of deals and investments for companies offering the technology. Simplified’s providers are on the leading crest of the wave. OpenAI’s new DALL-E API will bring its technology to a lot of new platforms, including Shutterstock, while Microsoft is embedding it in both consumer and enterprise products. Meanwhile, Stability AI has raised $101 million and is rapidly expanding to major platforms like Picsart.

Despande sees Simplified using its synthetic media technology to take the role, and revenue, of stock photo services as more companies turn to AI to produce their art. The content produced by the synthetic media generators is owned by the clients that input the prompts and they can use it as they wish. They’ll also have the opportunity to sell the images to others through a marketplace Despande said Simplified will manage.

“The potential for generative AI is immensely exciting, and I think we’ll see it increasingly being used to create marketing content and other digital products,” Despande said. “In the future, I believe that marketers will be able to generate vast amounts of creative content using AI, which will save them both time and money. Additionally, I believe that AI will help marketers to better target their audiences, as well as personalize content for them.”

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