Digital Media Platform Picsart Releases AI Image and Text Generators

Digital content creation platform Picsart has launched AI writing and image-generating tools for its services. Picsart’s AI writer synthesizes written content for advertising, social media, and other business needs out of an initial prompt, while the AI Image Generator turns words into visuals, as seen in the example above.

Picsart AI

The AI Image Generator is on the company’s iOS app and Web Editor. Users either write a phrase or pick from suggested keywords to generate the image before editing it with the other tools in the app and online editor. The final version joins the catalog of user-created content available in the community’s free-to-edit library, much like Canva or other content platforms. The AI Writer is more focused on enterprise purposes than general creation. Picsart embedded the AI Writer in its Quicktools platform, where marketers and small businesses can design their written content. The AI Writer joins other copywriting tools for producing and elaborating on ads, logans, and other social media biographies, among other concepts, based on a short prompt and filtered through the voice and tone menus.

“Generative AI is a powerful new resource for visual creators and anyone who needs content,” Picsart CEO Hovhannes Avoyan said. “There are two huge advantages of this technology: the first is making creativity accessible to new people and the second is increasing productivity for those who already create. The tools we’re launching today are the first of many generative AI features we plan to roll out.”

Synthetic Growth

With more than 150 million monthly active users on Picsart’s platform, the company’s AI-generated content may do a lot for raising new interest in synthetic media, even as the field is seemingly exploding in use and popularity. Picsart raised $130 million last year, but investors are generating big checks for startups that can generate AI content. While enterprise writing AI startup Regie’s $10 million raise and interactive AI writing guide developer Writer’s $21 million show they’re still early in growth, text, and image AI generator Jasper just raised $125 million, and Grammarly boasted a fresh $200 million to keep developing an AI writing assistant further. OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator is booming, with Microsoft embedding it in the 365 Office suite and Shutterstock incorporating it into its own platform. The popularity of generative AI in text and visual form means there won’t be any lack of options any time soon.

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