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Jean-Baptiste Martinoli on How to Create an Award Winning Film Entirely with AI – Voicebot Podcast Ep 281

Jean-Baptiste Martinoli’s current job title is full stack innovator. That seems about right, given what he has done lately with generative AI tools. One of his latest creations, “Extraterrestrial Message,” won the award for the best Sci-Fi short film at the Golden Minds Film Festival and Best Canadian Film at the Canadian Cinematography Awards. The film was entirely created with generative AI tools.

Today’s interview was conducted at the Synthedia conference, and there is a video version with the full short film on Voicebot’s YouTube channel. Martinoli reveals his process, the tools he used, and the fact that it only took about four hours to create the entire film. Martinoli says that in June, he couldn’t imagine himself as a filmmaker, let alone be the creator of an award-winning film. AI made this possible and made it possible very quickly.

There is one element of the film that is not generated by AI but could have been. Martinoli discusses what this is and why he created that element directly. He has another, more recent, film that is entirely AI-generated.

Jean-Baptiste is currently with Nextiva and is the former CTO and co-founder of Exo U., Mioplanent, and KanariWorld. Early in his career, Martinoli was a software developer at Lotus, which was later acquired by IBM.

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