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Brandon Kaplan CEO of Skilled Creative and Co-Founder of Journey – Voicebot Podcast Ep 257

Brandon Kaplan founded Skilled Creative in 2017 as an interactive agency that developed a focused expertise in interactive voice AI experiences for media and consumer products companies. The company’s clients range from HBO and Pottermore to Meredith and Pepsico. In 2022, Skilled Creative combined with two other interactive agencies to form Journey. Kaplan remains CEO of the independently operated Skilled Creative and serves as chief innovation officer for Journey.

In the interview, we discuss the evolution of voice assistants from the early days of Alexa and Google Assistant to the rise of custom assistants developed and operated by brands and media companies. We also review the thesis behind Journey and how conversational AI, metaverse, and experiential physical world activations will be increasingly important pillars of consumer marketing.

Brandon Kaplan Interview – Skilled Creative / Journey

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