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John Kelvie CEO of Bespoken on the Value of Automated Testing for Voice Assistants – Voicebot Podcast Ep 256

John Kelvie is CEO of Bespoken, a leader in automated testing software for voice assistants. He outlines how ongoing testing is a key tool in delivering continuous improvement in voice assistant performance. It is also well aligned with the rise of custom assistants in enterprises.

We discuss Bespoken’s journey from 2016 to 2022 and we cover the voice assistant market evolution from Alexa and Google Assistant to custom voice assistants, customer support bots, and other novel applications. That discussion also takes us from predominantly consumer applications of voice assistants to the enterprise. Kelvie has a front-row seat to the industry’s evolution and offers an sober perspective about where the industry is headed.

You might also enjoy going back to episode 6 or 55 where John shared his perspective of the early days of Bespoken. The original thesis hasn’t changed much but the time scale has not exactly met widespread expectations.

John Kelvie Interview – Bespoken

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