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Inflection AI Unveils Empathetic Generative AI Plans After Executive Exodus to Microsoft

Inflection AI has laid out its plans for the future after co-founders Mustafa Suleyman and Karén Simonyan left with other team members to head up the new Microsoft AI division. New CEO Sean White announced new executive hires and Inflection’s new focus going forward

Inflection AI Empathy

Inflection has centered its work on developing emotionally intelligent AI since its foundation. The company is best known for its generative AI chatbot Pi, which is short for Personal Intelligence. Pi is designed to project an empathetic and caring persona using the startup’s proprietary LLM, for which it later made an API with more than a million users daily and has continued to upgrade. Inflection built its LLM to design an emotionally intelligent AI conversationalist that can replicate empathy and human emotion.

To carry out Inflection’s plans to extend these capabilities to organizations, three new executives have joined White in leading the company. Former Google senior scientist and Google Translate pioneer Vibhu Mittal is now Inflection’s CTO. New COO Ted Shelton joins Inflection after working at management consulting firm Bain & Company and helping businesses integrate  AI and automation tools. Finally, Ian McCarthy worked to build and scale machine-learning content and platforms for major brands before becoming Inflection’s new chief product officer.

“An undertaking of this magnitude requires many different contributions and as the new CEO of Inflection one of my first tasks has been to build an amazing leadership team to achieve this ambition,” White explained in a blog post. “Many more people will join our team in the coming days and weeks to continue the outstanding work done by the original founders and expand our vision for an AI studio. As a Public Benefit Company, we believe empathetic AI can raise the level of human-computer interaction by having technical systems meet humans where they are rather than humans needing to learn how to interact with computers.”

Inflection plans to continue helping developers and enterprises integrate generative AI into their products and services. The emotional intelligence of the AI model allows clients to build custom AI personalities that align with their brand identities through the platform.

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