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Veritone Partners With CAA to Guard Famous People’s Likenesses Against Unauthorized Deepfakes

Enterprise synthetic media developer Veritone has teamed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to help protect CAA’s famous clients from having their likenesses deployed in unauthorized deepfakes. Veritone’s Digital Media Hub (DMH) will support theCAAvault, a synthetic media secure storage space for securely managing digital talent assets, including their name, image, and likeness.


The idea is for theCAAvault to be a repository for essential assets and associated metadata, such as digital scans of faces and voice recordings. Each CAA client that signs on will have access to a personal vault, enabling secure storage and sharing of their digital likenesses, theoretically safeguarding their rights and assets. Veritone, best known for the enterprise services provided by its aiWare platform, has put a heavy emphasis on generative AI for enterprises. The aiWARE platform is used by over 1,500 customers worldwide, including major media conglomerates, government agencies, and professional sports teams. Veritone also makes a big deal about fostering transparency and trust in its AI applications, which CAA points to as a reason for the new partnership.

“Ethics-led and talent-friendly applications of emerging technologies, like AI, are a top priority for CAA, driving us to innovate new ways to support and protect artists,” CAA head of strategic development Alexandra Shannon said. “The launch of theCAAvault is one such innovation. By partnering with a trusted organization like Veritone, we can maintain the security of the artist’s assets, while working to ensure that AI is responsibly integrated into opportunities across the entertainment landscape.”

Veritone Verified

Veritone offers generative AI tools for producing images and text for advertisements and translating shows and any related marketing content into multiple languages. Veritone’s sports broadcasting clients use generative AI with the Opta Voice service built in a partnership with Stats Perform. Connecting an LLM with game data allows broadcasters to produce game previews, real-time game commentary, and post-game analysis. Veritone’s existing software can turn that text into audio in multiple languages.

The speech recognition technology that came with the acquisition of Speechmatics and the synthetic speech models from buying Vocalid led to the platform, which streamlines the creation and licensing of digital voices. Veritone’s synthetic voice projects now include translating iHeartMedia podcasts and voicing animated celebrities in personalized video messages for Cameo Kids. The introduction of theCAAvault highlights the potential of synthetic media to transform the entertainment industry even more.

“Veritone has championed ethical AI and data security for nearly a decade, and this partnership with CAA further exemplifies our ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good,” Veritone media and entertainment general manager Sean Kind said. “Together with CAA, we are resolute in our dedication to safeguarding the interests of talent while raising the bar for data security and ethical AI in the entertainment industry.”

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