Generative AI Customer Service Startup Parloa Raises $66M

German conversational generative AI for customer service startup Parloa has closed a $66 million Series B funding round led by Altimeter Capital. Parloa embeds fine-tuned AI models in contact centers to handle customer service and related tasks for businesses looking to supplement their staff with AI agents.

Parloa Contact

Parloa’s platform helps companies design AI agents to meet their needs in industries like e-commerce, travel, and insurance. The idea is to leverage the advanced models to make the AI agents seem more human and personalize them to both the brand and the customer reaching out by phone or chatbot. The Ai agent can handle most mundane tasks and free up employees for the more complicated requests that require actual humans to complete.

Parloa claims to have solved a handful of the most common customer service complaints regarding chatbots. That includes handling the most frequently asked questions in a conversational form and self-service ordering to carry out profile changes, purchases, and other transactions, even cross-selling and up-selling customers where appropriate. The startup also boasts that its AI agents excel at quickly identifying customers and what they are asking for, quickly sending them to the relevant agents, AI or human. The new funding brings Parloa’s total to $98 million and comes after the six-year-old startup began expanding from Europe to the U.S. last year. The latest investment will go toward more product development and business expansion.

“We are incredibly excited about this financing round, as it will allow us to make a significant leap forward in improving the customer service experience for everyone and setting new standards for the communication between customers and enterprises,” Parloa CEO Malte Kosub said. “We are thrilled our new partners share our vision to revolutionize customer experiences by enabling AI agents to engage personally, proactively and independently. AI agents are evolving beyond rigid, script-based voicebots to provide personalized responses and interactions. We make calling companies fun again.”


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