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Nvidia Spends $700M to Buy Run:ai and Bolster AI Management and Infrastructure

Nvidia has announced plans to acquire AI workload management and infrastructure startup Run:ai for approximately $700 million, according to a CTech report on the purchase. The chip-making juggernaut is setting itself up to serve the AI computing resource needs of its customers better than before, as demand for both the power to run AI and the ability to manage that consumption is higher than ever.

Nvidia Run:ai

Run:ai’s platform offers AI developers and teams a centralized interface for managing shared compute resources, simplifying access to complex AI workloads. The purchase reflects Nvidia’s plans to adapt to increasingly complex AI models and applications with widely distributed workloads and infrastructures. Managing and conducting that power is crucial. Run:ai has specialized in aiding enterprise clients with their on-premises, cloud, and hybrid setups.

At the core of Run:ai’s offerings lies its open platform built on Kubernetes, the centerpiece of AI and cloud infrastructure. The platform can mesh easily with third-party AI tools and frameworks. Major enterprises across various sectors leverage Run:ai’s platform to manage GPU clusters at data centers, highlighting its significance in the AI ecosystem.

“Run:ai has been a close collaborator with Nvidia since 2020 and we share a passion for helping our customers make the most of their infrastructure,” said Run:ai CEO Omri Geller. “We’re thrilled to join Nvidia and look forward to continuing our journey together.”

The acquisition underscores Nvidia’s dream of offering a complete and comprehensive GPU ecosystem for AI solutions. Notably, the purchase comes after CEO Jensen Huang introduced the massively powerful Nvidia Blackwell chip and platform in March. Along with providing 30 times the performance with LLMs while significantly reducing operational costs and energy, the Blackwell platform is also su

“Nvidia will continue to offer Run:ai’s products under the same business model for the immediate future,” Nvidia vice president and general manager for DGX Cloud Alexis Bjorlin explained in a blog post. “And Nvidia will continue to invest in the Run:ai product roadmap as part of Nvidia DGX Cloud, an AI platform co-engineered with leading clouds for enterprise developers, offering an integrated, full-stack service optimized for generative AI.”

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