Generative AI Video Platform Colossyan Raises $22M

Generative AI video for corporate training startup Colossyan has raised $22 million in a Series A funding round led by Lakestar. Colossyan employs generative AI models to streamline video production and combine synthetic voices and digital avatars to complete films faster and for less money than the standard approach.

Colossyan AI

Colossyan’s platform can produce videos in over 70 languages. The startup aims it at companies looking to create videos for onboarding, sales enablement, compliance, and related enterprise tasks. The AI can produce videos and combine and remix footage of its avatars against different backgrounds as the AI character reads out a script. It even offers a “conversation mode” where two avatars can simulate a conversation between each other.

Video leveraging generative AI models have recently taken off in popularity. Startups like Pika and Runway are raising tons of investment capital, boosted by partnerships with big names like Getty in the case of Runway. But Google, Adobe, and other major players in media are keen to be in the conversation as well. There’s also plenty of interest from the corporate market for this use of generative AI. Colossyan isn’t alone in the space, with generative AI video companies like Hour One, Heygen, and Synthesia focusing on similar clients.

Colossyan has already landed deals with Vodafone, Porsche, and Paramount, among others. Integration with existing systems is appealing to companies trying to make video production as easy as possible. That’s fueling the company’s ambitions for its next stage, with new and enhanced features like video branching and knowledge checks, as well as general business growth.

“We’re significantly boosting our investment in essential functionalities, including Gestures (enabling directed hand and body movements for avatars), Editor 3.0 (which will greatly enhance the editing experience, making content creation easier than ever), and taking our advanced lip-sync technology to the next level,” Colossyan CEO Dominik Kovacs explained in a blog post. “‍Our upcoming features are designed to weave interactivity and active learner participation into our platform. With the introduction of interactive quizzes and adaptive learning paths, we aim to make the educational journey not only more engaging but also more effective.”

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